The Menopause Weight Loss Secrets They Don't Want You To Know...

The book that reveals the key to losing your Meno Belly weight around the Menopause which the weight loss industry would rather keep hidden...

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    I am a 53 year old women's health researcher, coach and founder of

    I experienced Menopause weight gain too so I know the struggle. Since 2019 I have helped 1000's of women lose their menopause weight & belly inches ...

    I know this guide can help you start down the right track to losing weight & feeling like your old self again…

    Helen Aldous

    Yorkshire UK

    ARE YOU?:

    • Feeling like it's impossible to lose the menopause weight & belly fat?
    • Feeling like even when you eat NOTHING the weight still piles on?
    • Feeling old, frumpy and frustrated?
    • Finding that your old weight loss methods don't work any more
    • Just wanting to feel like your old self again

    What you'll read

    • The number 1 THING you need to know to lose menopause weight successfully. This is THE REASON you haven't been able to lose weight up till now.
    • How approaching menopause weight loss from the wrong direction can actually make you put weight ON!
    • The one key piece of knowledge that allows you to lose weight AND belly fat easily.
    • Why the cookie cutter plans from the diet industry just don't work once you hit the menopause years.
    • and so much more...